Daily Render 014

Sunset over the Pacific.

This should wrap up the water series!

Daily Render 011

Rocking Terragen 4 Beta 2, already it's running much smoother and much faster. Next three renders will be focused on water! It's been awhile, I haven't done water renders in Terragen and last rendered an ocean scene with Vue back in 2012, so this will be fun!

Daily Render 010

This should finish the displacement set, working on a new type of render for the next set!

Daily Render 009

I'm just loving these displacements! This noise type isn't capable of looping, hence the fade, but it's my new favorite!

Daily Render 008

Terragen likes to take it's sweet time, this is one of the longest still renders I've done on my personal workstation. Be careful with betas! This render crashed prematurely, but luckily I was able to salvage a lower resolution version, so here it is!

Daily Render 007

Terragen is taking way longer than anticipated and I don't believe my farm supports 4 Beta, so another displacement map! 

Daily Render 006

High altitude Terragen 4 render. Not quite there yet, may send the next render to the farm to develop the look faster.

Daily Render 005

I wanted to see if you could reliably build a looping animation by keyframing the noise on the displacement map. Appears that you can!

Daily Render 004

Another displacement set, rendering an animation for tomorrow's Daily Render. Perfect for desktop wallpapers @ 1920x1200!

Daily Render 003

Continuing the experiments from the other-day, more texture displacements! Experiments below:

Daily Render 002

Experimenting with different noise types utilizing the displacement map for an upcoming project.

Daily Render 001

First daily render is cracking open the beta of Terragen 4. Planetside have outdone themselves again, the atmospherics continue to blow my mind.